Installation steps

  • First step is installing NuGet package EBlazor

  • Second step is referencing css file in your project in _Host.cshtml in server-side project, and in index.html in webassembly project

    <link href='_content/EBlazor/css/app.css' rel='stylesheet' />

    It is better to set it before all styles
  • Third step is importing namespaces in your project at _Imports.razor

    @using EBlazor
    @using EBlazor.Containers
    @using EBlazor.Elements
    @using EBlazor.Inputs

  • Fourth step is registring EBlazor service in Startup.cs for server-side blazor, and Program.cs at webassembly blazor


  • Fifth step is adding <EFrameworkStarter/> at App.razor

    And now you can start using EBlazor components

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